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This Blog Area contains a table of all of the blogs intended to provide information to those who are booked or plan to book a Couples Cruise.  All of the pre-cruise posting for information about a specific cruise or how to prepare for your cruise are kept here in a table.


The majority of the information in this section pertains to the next cruise coming up.  After that cruise is over, some  of this information is archived and can be found under the Blog Archives section.  Other information is updated and re-posted for the next cruise.


Couples Cruise is working on an "Official Blog" and I hope to be contributing to that as well. 


I am posting to several groups as well as this site.  Some posting will be exclusive to the Couples Cruise Official Blog or will be posted there first and available here shortly after the original posting.



Tina Marie


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(Couples Cruise Unofficial Wordpress Blog)


Simply Silver Group


Adult Couples Lifestyle E-mail List


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Original Posting Date Topic Link
02-14-2012 Step 1 Getting Prepared - Build A Cruise Binder 02-14-12-A
02-12-2012 Official Couples Cruise Hotel & Party Announcement 02-12-12-A
02-12-2012 The Swingers Cruise Hotel & Party Announcement 02-12-12-B
02-11-2012 Re-introduction 02-11-12-A